The mission and scope of action of iesMed determine the company’s legal form as a cooperative and this also allows its shareholders to be varied and unique: The richness of actors allows for a global and shared vision of demands and solutions for SSE.

iesMed is the convergence, on one same platform, of all SSE actors that share iesMed’s goals and that offer a global vision of the Mediterranean. All this makes iesMed a unique network that aims to enable a collective thought process that as a result allows taking the right decisions and commitments for SSE. The different interest groups are represented by the iesMed governance.


“Legal entities that are able to offer their economic, financial, logistical, or institutional support for attaining their social objectives via participation in economic and social activities promoted by the cooperative within the Mediterranean area”. (iesMed’s articles of association)

These are entities or institutions that collaborate with iesMed because they identify a specific interest related to the development of their mission and their services within the framework of iesMed’s objectives and strategy. They are entities that are interested in developing solidarity-based and sustainable territorial ecosystems which are interconnected within the West Mediterranean region.


Skilled partners:

“Individuals or legal entities, public or private, that without carrying out the main cooperative activity, are able to collaborate in attaining the Cooperative’s corporate mission” (iesMed’s articles of association)

These are companies, organisations, and experts whose services and solutions are part of iesMed’s global offer of services for SSE. They make up a “technical committee” that ensures consistency and synergy between the services, and they also study and draw up new products and proposals.

  • Emmanuel Karsperski
  • Rudy Pignot-Malapert
  • Cristina R. Grau López
  • Laure Jongejans
  • Pere Pugés i Dorca
  • Jordi Marí de la Torre
  • Jean Louis Bancel
  • Joseba I. Polanco B
  • Eladi Crehuet Serra
  • Josep Maria Corbinos Martínez
  • Lotfi Ben Aïssa
  • Guillaume Thureau


“Individuals or legal entities that are able to make use of the professional services offered by the cooperative” (iesMed’s articles of association)

These are Social Economy companies that, apart from requiring the services the cooperative offers, they are able to establish with iesMed a long-term relationship and become committed to their objectives. They constitute what is known as the Market Committee, which has as object the detection of needs for SSE products and services and collaborate with the Technical Committee to ensure the generation of responses and adapted solutions.