Stance and philosophy

iesMed defines itself as:

A Mediterranean platform that renders services to the SSE.

From a legal point of view, it is one of the first European cooperatives created within the EU and the very first created in Catalonia. iesMed defines itself as a social and solidarity-based broker between social economy actors (companies, federations, networks), social economy support services (especially funding and consultancy services), and the private and public sectors.

Born from a blend of various traditions, the iesMed project has from the very start given priority to transnational cooperation in order to aim for an “economy without borders”.

It can be viewed as a laboratory for applied cooperative innovation.

It develops for its members, on demand, products, services, and R&D projects that fall under the definition of collective and solidarity-based entrepreneurship within the Mediterranean region.

iesMed’s philosophy is social and solidarity-based brokering

Social and solidarity-based brokering includes the following:

Identification and rationalization of assistance services (sourcing and consultancy):

iesMed is geared towards leadership-driven and scalable projects. The organisation helps structure requests for assistance and puts forward made-to-measure solutions.

Channelling of the range of services offered:

iesMed promotes the services that are most appropriate and innovative for social enterprises (financial services, consultancy, assistance, social and financial innovation, and organisation of international events) with the aim to amplify and internationalise their sphere of action.

The grouping of resources (network-based cooperation):

iesMed stimulates cooperation, alliances and resource consolidation. It essentially structures and promotes innovative and multifaceted programmes on behalf of public and private institutions

“Pollination” and replicas:

iesMed takes part in the import/export of entrepreneurial initiatives that have a powerful social impact as a way of meeting priority local needs.