As a cooperative, different interest groups are represented in iesMed’s governance structure.

Their members can be any of the following:

Social enterprises and entities
Companies offering support to the social economy
Different experts servicing the social economy
Organisations, business groups and federations pertaining to the social economy
Public institutions
Investors with a social interest

iesMed’s government model

iesMed’s model of government is based on the search for a consensus between the different parties, especially between working Members and Institutional Partners. Users (consultants / clients) and Skilled Partners (professionals / suppliers) are equally invited to become part of the iesMed network and participate in its management. There are two advisory committees within the Executive Board, Markets and Technical, which constitute forums for innovation and participation.

As a social enterprise, iesMed reinvests its surplus in developing its social purpose and is able to finance new services or programmes thanks to the current income generated by distribution and management activities.