• Client: Group of social investors
  • Industry: Miscellaneous
  • Type of service: Replication of Foreign Best Practices
  • Project: Replication of a social venture-capital society

The Need

A non-constituted group of investors who share an interest in the social impact of their investments contacts us to propose the idea of creating an instrument that would allow channelling their investments towards social enterprises that are in need of their social capital.

Our Solution

To identify a model for a social venture-capital society that has already been tested and that has proved to be efficient so that we can replicate it in other territories. To adapt the initiative to a new social, financial, and legal reality and offer our partners’ know-how, as well as broadening the necessary social basis in order to obtain a size that will allow us to carry out the replication.


iesMed develops an adaptation strategy for a successfully proven tool and gets social investors and entrepreneurs involved in this adaptation who are able to offer their combined skills in a way that minimises risk at the time of deployment.