• Client: Public / private local initiative
  • Industry: Miscellaneous
  • Type of Service: Social and Solidarity-Based Territorial Ecosystems
  • Project: strategic plan for a cooperative real estate installation

The Need

A public-private foundation has a real estate installation and wants to use it for the purpose of promoting and creating social enterprises within the area.

Our Solution

iesMed takes part in the design of the future strategy of this centre by getting local actors involved whilst simultaneously placing its development within a strategy based in the Mediterranean region. iesMed takes part in promoting a Mediterranean ecosystem that facilitates the creation and consolidation of social enterprises and at the same time acts at the local level by developing self-sufficient local ecosystems that make use of the synergies and economies of scale that an international network is able to offer.


iesMed coordinates and develops a strategy in a local environment and places it within a Mediterranean industrial logic. The aim is to attain sustainability for the local ecosystems by means of the sum of appropriate actors and their placement within an international strategy.