• Client: Eurecos, Grup Immobiliari de l’Economia Social
  • Industry: Miscellaneous
  • Type of service: Management of companies and investments funds
  • Project: Management of a real estate investment society

The Need

Eurecos, a Social Economy real estate group, was formed with the aim of providing Social Economy actors with the access to real estate that is appropriate for the activities they are developing or plan on developing. Once the company is established, it must manage its activity in an efficient manner.

Our Solution

iesMed offers its experience in the sector in order to carry out an executive management of the properties belonging to the real estate group in a sustainable way. In the same sense, the presence of iesMed in the territory allows handling its commercial development and acquisition of new operations in an optimum way thanks to the synergies that exist with other services.


Eurecos has a professional executive management and property management with a cost that has been adapted to its needs with a commercial development adjusted to the objectives that have been set forth.