• Client: Partnership cooperative
  • Industry: Personal Services
  • Type of service: Coordination and execution of sectoral research
  • Project: Commercial report on a business conglomerate

The Need

A partnership cooperative is thinking about an international expansion strategy that requires establishing partnerships with potential partners that are well rooted in their respective markets. Before reaching a decision, they need a commercial study on these actors in order to reach the best decision.

Our Solution

The information available in the databases regarding companies that are present in the market is insufficient, especially in social sectors or sectors that do not appear in the commercial company registry. iesMed, as an actor who is present in the Mediterranean area, adds the value and complements the information in order to obtain a detailed report of the sought-after social actors.


The access to quality information sources allows iesMed add the necessary value to a commercial report that allows better decision making when establishing partnerships during an internationalisation process.