Building and maintenance of private subsidised education centres

  • Client: Education Cooperative
  • Industry: Culture and Education
  • Type of service: Real estate investments
  • Project: The building and maintenance of private subsidised education centres

The Need

An education cooperative needs to expand its range of education centres due to a growth in activity. They have a plot of land granted by the Autonomous Administration for such purposes and they have a viability plan that requires a repayable investment with an appropriate period. However, they are unable to obtain the necessary bank funding to carry out such an investment.

Our Solution

iesMed acts as an asset manager for Eurecos, a social economy real estate instrument, by putting the Cooperative in contact with it, who then helps with the promotion of the planned building and seeks the necessary funds for the construction work and establishes the appropriate corporate legal relationship between the parties involved.

Eurecos takes charge of the real estate investment by establishing a long-term rental contract that will allow the cooperative to make use of the new centres at a fixed monthly cost.


This type of operation allows not only the enabling of the investment, but it also allows doing so without affecting the balance of the entity due to a generated debt. The management of Eurecos allows the Cooperative to have a team that specialises in this area, and this will save them time and allow them to work with peace of mind during the execution of the project.